Frontroom Ltd is

A brand design agency founded in 2007. We are focused on brand design and packaging. Our goal is to create great work with a handful of clients and at the end of the day, having fun making things work.

We believe that

Good design sells! It’s competitive advantage.

Packaging is the vastest and cheapest per unit communication, distribution, sales, etc. tool you’ll ever afford.

Shelf is the most competitive marketing environment that exists.

A disciplined and coherent approach leads to a unified, powerful brand presence.

Structure and graphics can be developed concurrently. It’s chicken-and-egg story.

Designing a new structure takes a longer time and is expensive but offers a unique competitive advantage.

Always working on a project we consider the entire life cycle of the package as well as its relation to the product: source, print, assemble, pack, preserve, ship, display, purchase, use and recycle/dispose.

Recently we’ve worked on…